Social bookmarking – Food for Thought

Week 2

You should consider the following reflection questions to write about this week’s activities:

– How can online social bookmarking help you?

They are engines absolutely free to use that help me to:

  • Bookmark Web Pages Quickly and Easily;
  • Organize and Manage Bookmarks Easily;
  • Share my Bookmarks as Bunches;
  • Discover Web’s Popular Bookmarks;
  • Import and Export Bookmarks;
  • Open Set of Bookmarks in One Click;
  • Browser Tools to Bookmark Web Pages.

– What are the advantages of having bookmarking as a social activity?

  • First social bookmarking sites are attracting a lot of regular users and high traffic which means that information on them tends to get better positioning on web sites.
  • Furthermore links to your own web site or blog when posted to a social bookmarking site create back links to your site. Search engines value inbound links to your site because they are an indication of the popularity of a site increasing your own search engine positioning.
  • Search engines loves to crawl social bookmarking sites because humans are involved and the humans involved are organizing their favorite web pages, search engines say that this provides a very strong indication that the ‘vote’ cast for the web page is extremely relevant. So these sites are regularly crawled by search engines.
  • The bookmarks can be accessed from anywhere with a connection to internet.
  • If you see that one or two users are regularly saving the same bookmarks as you then you can make contact with them or add them to your ‘friends’ list to follow their bookmarking progress. This is an excellent way of benchmarking your bookmarking to ensure that it’s as relevant as possible to your industry.

– How could Diigo be used in your classroom?

In many ways, if I:

  • Tag my web site, blog, squidoo lenses, social networking sites and any other web presence I have on as many social bookmark sites as you can.
  • Encourage students to your sites to add them to their social bookmarks.
  • Network with other social bookmarkers and collaborate with each other to promote my sites.
  • Provide great content that students will want to come back to over time.
  • Make it very easy for students to bookmark my pages.

– What were your main difficulties to get started with social bookmarking?

I think I am not able to get it updated all the time.The idea of marketing my website through social bookmarking is also called Social Book Marketing or Social Media Optimization. It refers to web based applications that enable us to store bookmarks online instead of in our favorites or bookmarks on our computers. The immediate advantage of this is that we can access our bookmarked sites from any computer. In short we can say each “bookmark” of a specific webpage is seen as a vote of confidence. The more people who bookmark a specific web page, the more credible the webpage is viewed as.

– Did you find any interesting resources shared by your peers?
Please, add the link to it.

Yes, I have shared them at Diigo. Some of them are:


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