Pegagogical Uses of Flickr?

Week 5

 I think we can use Flickr anywhere visual images are required, such as presentation, etc:

• For single image analysis.
• For single image writing prompt, where an individual will post an image and a person will start a story as a comment, with the story continued by multiple viewers adding more to the story through comments.
• For multiple image digital storytelling projects.
• For creating slides shows within Flickr.
• For virtual Field Trips in order to see the best images.
• For the creation of visual arguments, e.g. In a biology classroom- such as The Case for Genetic Engineering.
• For illustrating poetry with Flickr with tags as well as single images.
• For geotagging images and then using Google Earth to teach Geography.
• For the visual documentation of school events.
• For the visual documentation of student artwork and other school learning products.
• For the creation of digital visual portfolios, using the photoset function of Flickr.
• To teach about social software: how to tag, how to make comments, etc. (where are we teaching kids how to constructively comment on the work of others?).
• For the delivery of school/classroom visual information via RSS.