Social glossary – Add new words and expressions

Today I could share with my Webtools4educators colleagues some words at our glossary: twitter and wiki.

I hope it can help them to understand their meaning as it help me, too. The words I added are:


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–verb (used without object)

1. to utter a succession of small, tremulous sounds, as a bird.

2. to talk lightly and rapidly, esp. of trivial matters; chatter.

3. to titter; giggle.

4. to tremble with excitement or the like; be in a flutter.

–verb (used with object)

5. to express or utter by twittering.


6. an act of twittering.

7. a twittering sound.

8. a state of tremulous excitement.

1325–75; ME twiteren (v.); akin to G zwitschern


(n.) A collaborative Web site comprises the perpetual collective work of many authors. Similar to a blog in structure and logic, a wiki allows anyone to edit, delete or modify content that has been placed on the Web site using a browser interface, including the work of previous authors. In contrast, a blog, typically authored by an individual, does not allow visitors to change the original posted material, only add comments to the original content.

The term wiki refers to either the Web site or the software used to create the site.

Wiki wiki means “quick” in Hawaiian. The first wiki was created by Ward Cunnigham in 1995.