Food for thought, based on the videos I’ve watched

Week 1

  • How do your students learn?

It is a good question. Although we still teach in a traditional way at public schools, they are really learning in a digital way. I aim to teach more effectively, but not all my students have a personal computer at home. Their parents think that LAN houses are evil, so they have got scared about the idea of letting their children at such a place alone, and my students still think that schoolwork is not meaningful as they would like to.

  • How much tech-richness does your curriculum provide?

I followed some online courses in order to provide more tech-richness to my students, but their access to these tools is not equal. Some of them can use an IPOD and a sophisticated cell phone with internet etc.

  • How are you using the WWW to teach your students?

I research some WWW English material to them. They answer the exercices I downloaded for them. I do not have a digital lab where they can do the online tasks I have learnt during the courses I have attended. I think our government is a step backwards in database access at the classroom.

  • How do we turn our 21st century classrooms into learning engines?

I think the only way is collaborating with them during their learning process. I agree that I have to pay attention to our children’s intensively rich information experiences, but I also agree that teachers need to learn more about technology engines etc.

  • Are you engaging your students?

I ask that everytime I finish my classes. Not everyday this answer is an easy one. I agree that students will use engaging technologies in collaborative, inquiry-based learning environments, with teachers who are willing and able to use technology’s power to assist them in transforming knowledge and skills into products, solutions and new information.

  • What are your main barriers to incorporating technology into your classroom?

I work for a public school. The only way to do it is sharing my laptop with my students. I can ask to some of them how use a blog, a wiki, a podcast at home or at a LAN House, but I still need to share with them how to use those engines using my laptop at the classroom.