Blogging in the classroom – Food for Thought

Week 3

  • Choose a photo from your computer, one that, in some way, represents the tasks and learning you went through this week. If you don’t have the image you want on your computer, grab a camera and take a photo!
  • Write an email to post on your Posterous Blog reflecting on your discoveries, impressions, concerns and ideas about blogging.
  • Attach the photo you’ve chosen to your email.
  • Send the email to your Posterous (

The photo I have chosen for today is at:

It is about a special environmental project I aim to develop next year. This photo was taken during our visit at Parque Nacional de Brasília. I already have a home page where I aim to discuss more about this project. It is at:

I think a blog is an exciting tool for publishing and sharing freely our own ideas and projects. The only problem is how to make it part of my teaching activity because I do not have enough time to blog everyday nor everyweek.