Pegagogical Uses of Flickr?

Week 5

 I think we can use Flickr anywhere visual images are required, such as presentation, etc:

• For single image analysis.
• For single image writing prompt, where an individual will post an image and a person will start a story as a comment, with the story continued by multiple viewers adding more to the story through comments.
• For multiple image digital storytelling projects.
• For creating slides shows within Flickr.
• For virtual Field Trips in order to see the best images.
• For the creation of visual arguments, e.g. In a biology classroom- such as The Case for Genetic Engineering.
• For illustrating poetry with Flickr with tags as well as single images.
• For geotagging images and then using Google Earth to teach Geography.
• For the visual documentation of school events.
• For the visual documentation of student artwork and other school learning products.
• For the creation of digital visual portfolios, using the photoset function of Flickr.
• To teach about social software: how to tag, how to make comments, etc. (where are we teaching kids how to constructively comment on the work of others?).
• For the delivery of school/classroom visual information via RSS.


Is Flickr Worth a Try? – Food for Thought

Week 5

Of course it is. Flickr is all about sharing. It gives me quite a few sharing options, but maybe the handiest is the embed option, which lets me paste thumbnail previews into forums, blogs, and social networking profiles such as MySpace. For shots that aren’t mine, I can copy and paste the URL from my address bar and put it in an e-mail or instant-messaging conversation.



Sharing photos is neat, but half of the fun of these photo-hosting services is seeing what other people are taking pictures of and interacting with them. The reason it has tagging and notating features is so other people can find and make sense of your photos. The biggest draws to Flickr’s community are groups, which let users create and contribute to themed groups.



Each group has a shared pool of pictures that any of its members can contribute to. There could be a theme, or maybe no theme at all; it’s up to the user. Each group gets its own forum for chatting about topics or individual pictures. It’s almost like book club, but for pictures.