oving forward – Food for Thought

Week 6

You told your story on our Voicethread. Now, let’s reflect a bit on it.

How was the process of telling your story?

In the presentation, we are supposed to:

1.   Write

2.   Select images.

3.   Narrate.

4.   Apply Motion.

Did you write it down?

The process of creating a digital story requires from us, as teachers, to:

1.   Plan: Storyboard and Write

2.   Produce: Record the pieces

3.   Chop: Edit the pieces

4.   Publish: Share our creation

 Did you just jot down some ideas you wanted to mention?

In oder to support student learning and retention of content-area knowledge, it is better to:

1.   Select images and write.

2.   “Loop” step 1 with teacher input and feedback. (in the form of guided questions)

3.   Narrate.

4.   Apply Motion.

What did you think about when you were preparing to record it?

As a teacher, we are always looking for perfection. I think time will teach me how to deal with this web tool in a spontaneous way.